Dr. Solo A.K.A. Bill Baboon                           Free download music and lyrics!


2001 Dr. Solo : The confessions of Bill Baboon (multitrack electric)  FREE DOWNLOAD!

2003 Bill Baboon: Live at home (acoustic)  FREE DOWNLOAD!

2007 Bill Baboon: The right to be wrong (multitrack, electric/acoustic bits and pieces)  FREE DOWNLOAD!

2010 Bill Baboon: Seven songs (multitrack acoustic/electric)  FREE DOWNLOAD!

2011 The Distant Cousins (Band) : The stream  FREE DOWNLOAD!

2013 Bill Baboon and Friends: Sessions (acoustic) FREE DOWNLOAD!

2015 Bill Baboon: Absolutely live! (acoustic solo) FREE DOWNLOAD!

2022 Dr. Solo : More confessions  (electric multitrack) FREE DOWNLOAD!


2023 Backyard Heroes (Band): Chapter One (electric70bluesrockpunkfolkband) 

2023 Bill Baboon: Be there (singer/songwriter/multitrack)